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Current home. Bergen, Norway

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Hjem n (definite singularhjemmet, indefinite plural hjem,definite pluralhjemma or hjemmene)  


2. Place origin orbelonging. Similar to German Heimat

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The first house you grew up in. The apartment your family rented on a vacation in 2003. The bed you slept in for only one night. Your first time living alone. What makes a home? How is it that we're able to make places feel like home, then leave them behind? 

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Hjem 1/6 : Ruby, Brighton - England

Hjem 2/6 : Emma, Kristiansand - Norway

Hjem 3/6 : Heidi, Hamar - Norway

Hjem 4/6 : Janne, Roskilde - Denmark

Hjem 5/6 : Trond Erik, Hamar - Norway

Hjem 6/6 : Simen, Kristiansand - Norway

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